Milwaukee 2691-22: A Durable Combo Kit That Delivers Powerful Torque and Run Time

Milwaukee 2691-22 Combo Drill Set ReviewWhy this Milwaukee Combo Kit Is So Effective?

The Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit is one of the latest tools for the ultimate handyman.

In fact, this is the best tool combination for professionals and for the average Do-It-Yourselfers:


  1. The Milwaukee Drill Driver combo eliminates the need for constant recharging and returning to the toolbox all the time.
  2. They offer more power, torque, and run time than your average power tool.
  3. Extremely lightweight with its designed in a handy and ergonomic way making the compact drill easy to work with!

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What makes the Milwaukee 2691-22 stand out is that this toolkit is designed to be compact and very easy to use.

It’s made in the USA, and it’s extremely durable. And yes, you do get around 400 inch-pounds of torque, which is more than OK for your home projects. You will also notice that the unit is light. You won’t need to worry……

……..about heaviness when you carry this around. It’s just a pleasant experience to be had, especially if you consider that both……

……the driver and drill are around 7-3/4 inches long. They have the perfect length and size to make them portable and really easy to use.

What do you get in the package?

  • The motor is very powerful despite the overall size of this unit. You do get plenty of torque, and the overall results can be more than OK because of it. The package on its own is very comprehensive too.
  • You have the 18-volt compact drill and driver, the ¼ inch hex impact driver, a one belt clip, charger as well as 2 compact batteries and a carrying case.
  • Basically, you have all you need for you on-the-go handyman experience.
  • Everything is done with the utmost perfection, and the value is very good because of it.

Is this unit heavy?

I found the Milwaukee 2691-22 to be quite light.

Each one of the units has just a couple of pounds, and you don’t have to worry about getting tired while working too much with it.

The manufacturer made sure that you have the perfect weight and the overall experience is more than OK in the end.

Things like the variable speed triggers and the battery fuel gauges are some of the best Milwaukee Drill Combo Tool Set Reviewadditions in here. Plus, the units also…..

……have LED lights. In case you want to use them during the night, these LED lights are very good and one of the best features you can find out there.

The added warranty of 5 years in total is quite impressive. It’s not often when you receive so much support from a manufacturer, so getting this set of benefits is special and impressive in its own right.

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What others are saying about the Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit……….

“I bought a set at work in ’10 and this year when i needed a new drill at home decided i couldn’t settle for less and bought another set. The newer one is even nicer thanks to the addition of a metal drill chuck! I loved having the set too, the driver is amazingly powerful. I ran 1/2″ diameter lag bolts about 6″ into wood and the impact just walked them right in. When i stopped to turn the last bit by hand i couldn’t get over how tight they were and the fact that the driver was so effortlessly putting them in. ” – Jdk203

“Great Set. This is the fourth set I have bought and have not had a bit a problem with any of them. I have three in my Junior High and High School shop that get used all the time. They are going on three years old. The last set I ordered for our Custodial Engineer when he asked which one I recommended. He say’s he really likes it as well!!! I would give it six stars if I could ” – Dennis P.

“Love these tools. You can’t go wrong with them. They feel great in your hand. Great balance. If you are using them all day you will need to get the larger battery. The smaller battery works great for me. It also makes them lighter.” – Sean C.

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Is the Milwaukee 2691-22 set a good investment?

If you need a powerful drill and driver combo, then the Milwaukee 2691-22 is right up your Milwaukee Drill Combo Tool Set Reviewalley. It has all the features you need, and they are all added in a single and comprehensive package.

Plus, the fact that you get an additional set of drill heads is always nice here. The Milwaukee 2691-22 package is designed for portability, and that’s a good thing.

No matter where you want to make the slight repairs, this unit will be there for you. It’s an amazing opportunity and one that does bring in front some extraordinary features!

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Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Compact Combo Kit – F.A.Q.

Q. Where to buy this product?

A. You can get it directly through this link right now

Q. Does the drill have a light?

A. Yes

Q. How many batteries does it come with?

A. Two

Q. Is this a Hammer Drill?

A. No

Q. Is this a 1/2in Drill?

A. Yes the chuck is 1/2in

Q. Are they brush less motors?

A. No

Do not hesitate to get this product. And certainly you will have no regrets!

– Velly Baxtor